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The state of Texas versus Andrea Pia Yates.

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Parricide - After a quarrel with his wife Number of victims: As quoted previously from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association email: The maximum term of imprisonment under section is seven years. He said she's in the very best possible place, all things considered, under these circumstances.

Yates succeeded in saving her children from hell and sending them directly to live with God in heaven, she will be extremely disappointed to learn that this theology is a myth. When you put on psychiatric testimony, it always goes longer than you think.

Andrea Pia Yates has pleaded not guilty to indictments in the deaths of three of those children. I think that could be the case. By it being executed. On June 20,his wife Andrea called police to her home and showed the the bodies of her drowned children, Noah, age 7, John age 5, Paul age 3, Luke age 2 and Mary age 6 months.

The true good news of Christianity can be found in the scriptures. That is, they are teaching exactly what they were taught from their youth. She is prescribed strong anti-psychotic medications, including Haldol.

The prosecution doesn't want to call Mr. The arm of one of them was around her. No, not at that time. An appeals court Thursday overturned Yates' conviction for drowning three of her children in a bathtub.

A three-judge panel found that the Harris County jury may have been prejudiced by the false testimony of a prosecution expert.

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Letters from the Woroniecki's berated Andrea for her unrighteous standing before God. I mean, you have no idea how -- how traumatic it is to go through a trial like this. It is entirely possible all five could "enter in at the strait gate" through their own efforts.

It's a combination of things.

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Rusty Yates, her former husband, defends, "Yes, Andrea took the lives of our children. That's the truth. But yes, she was insane.


Andrea Pia Kennedy Yates (born July 2, ) is a former resident of Houston, Texas, who confessed to drowning her five children in their bathtub on June 20, She had been suffering for some time with very severe postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis.

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Aug 08,  · Andrea Yates was born Andrea Kennedy on July 2, into a middle class family in Houston, the youngest of five children.

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She had developed a very close relationship with her father, a high school teacher, and she liked to help other people. During Yates’ trial, psychiatrist Park Dietz — who was never Yates’ psychiatrist — testified that she was not mentally ill, but had cleverly patterned her children’s killings after an episode of Law and Order, where a woman drowned her children but was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Here's a look back at the life and trials of Andrea Pia Yates: JULY 2, Andrea was born in Hallsville, Texas, and is the youngest of her parents' five children.

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