Life of a continental soldier

This is literally true, and the thousandth part of their sufferings has not, nor ever will be told. Now, dear reader, pray consider a moment, how were five men in a mess, five hearty, hungry young men, to subsist four days on twenty pounds of fresh beef and I might say twelve or fifteen pounds without any vegetables or any other kind of sauce to eke it out.

Often, when I have picked the last grain from the bones of my scanty morsel, have I eat the very bones, as much of them as possibly could be eaten, and then have had to perform some hard and fatiguing duty, when my stomach has been as craving as it was before I had eaten anything at all.

The only wish I would bestow upon such hardhearted wretches is that they might be compelled to go through just such sufferings and privations as that army did, and then if they did not sing a different tune, I should miss my guess. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Official History and Citizenship Website

Thus there was little economic incentive for women to enlist. Women in War from Prehistory to the Present. Oftentimes have I gone one, two, three, and even four days without a morsel, unless the fields or forests might chance to afford enough to prevent absolute starvation.

Nevertheless, raw meat was preferable to nothing at all. Your browser does not support the audio element. The largest the army was at one time was around 17, soldiers. Clair, served in an unidentified South Carolina regiment that is rumored to be the Sgt.

He had been a soldier himself in the darkest period of the war, that point of it that emphatically " tried men's souls," was wounded, and knew what soldiers suffered.

The army was made up of paid volunteers who enlisted for a period of time. Some notable African-American soldiers in the Continental Army were: They sewed clothes, cooked meals, tended the sick, and washed the laundry. Both Congress and the states believed, probably wrongly, that corruption was the cause of most of the shortages and cost.

The official enlistment age for the Continental Army was 16, 15 with parental consent but soldiers could sign on up to the age of But, reader, believe me, for I tell a solemn truth, that I have felt more anxiety, undergone more fatigue and hardships, suffered more every way, in performing one of those tedious marches than ever I did in fighting the hottest battle I was ever engaged in, with the anticipation of all other calamities I have mentioned added to it.

Later on in the war, the enlistments were as long as three years. Women in War from Prehistory to the Present. The poor soldiers had hardships enough to endure without having to starve; the least that could be done was to give them something to eat. How many times have I had to lie down like a dumb animal in the field, and bear "the pelting of the pitiless storm", cruel enough in warm weather, but how much more so in the heart of winter.

Martin also describes here some of the debate on soldiers pensions, created under President Monroe, who fought and was wounded at the battle of Trenton.

One reason was because she had all the power in her own hands and I had none. One uniform coat, a woolen and a linen waistcoat, four shirts, four pair of shoes, four pair of stockings, a pair of woolen and a pair of linen overalls, a hat or a leather cap, a stock for the neck, a hunting shirt, a pair of shoe buckles, and a blanket.

You want to be brave, or at least give the appearance of bravery. They were likewise promised the following articles of clothing per year.

Though there was not much danger of our provisions putrefying, we had none on hand long enough for that, if it did, we obliged to eat it, or go without anything. America Goes to War:. The following are some facts about Continental soldiers in the Revolutionary War: How Many Continental Soldiers Served in the Revolutionary War?

In total, aroundsoldiers served in the Continental Army, though never more than 48, soldiers at one time. The attraction for recruits was the security military life offered. Kings and. Life as a Continental Army Soldier.

During the American Revolution, the opposing sides were the Militia and the Continental Army. As a Continental Army Soldier, you were part of the first real army of the United States.

It was not easy to be a soldier of the Revolutionary War. Soldiers die everyday because of battles, and espionage. The British soldiers, it was all royalty for them. the Regimental Coat. Deerskin or homespun cloth shirts in the summer. Hey, what about shoes? Soldiers DIDN'T have right and left shoes like you do today!

All shoes were. The Hardships of a Continental soldier.

Continental Soldiers in the Revolutionary War

From: Private Yankee Doodle, Martin's account, written in his old age, is the most complete account of the life of a Revolutionary soldier. It was written from memory, but is remarkable for having few errors. It is a standard, and anyone reading about the live and times of the soldiers of the. “Life as a Continental Soldier” History Professor Ball Kevin Guevara Kevin Guevara History Professor Ball 29 June Life as a Continental Soldier As a soldier in the Continental Army, it was a harsh and unforgettable life and time for them.

Life of a continental soldier
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