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Therefore, with all its blessings, its risks should also be put in mind. Radiator panels are placed on top so that the inner surface of the panel touches the coolant water. So, we should not ignore the importance of water in our life and try our best to save water using every possible means.

Water conservation is possible with the good habits of the human beings. It is easy send messages to distant places. According to the conducted by United Nation, it is found that girls in the Rajasthan do not go to school as they have to go long distances to get water which eats their whole day so they do not get time for other purposes.

Life Without Electricity

Fan is not a luxurious thing. People in India highly suffer various water born diseases which cost the economy of India to a great extent. According to the survey by the National Crime Records Bureau, it is recorded that around 16, farmers 2, women finished their lives through suicide, however, The people have to work hard in different climatic conditions without electricity.

Life Without Electricity

Transportation is convenient — Nasu is about kilometers north of Tokyo and can be reached in 90 minutes by the Tohoku Bullet Train. We should not waste water by sprinkling on the lawn, house or street. We can fix what we make ourselves when it is broken.

We should save our clean water from the contamination and getting polluted from the waste materials of industries, sewage, toxic chemicals and other wastes. Life on the earth is possible only because of water. One person of the home consumes around lt of water per day in the household activities.

We should promote the programmes related to the water conservation in order to spread awareness. Young students need to be more aware and concentrate on the issues and solutions. We can clearly imagine that, in the near future there would be much shortage of clean water all over the world.

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People in the rural villages of India, Africa and Asia have to go for long around 3. Some of the water saving tricks are: Developing countries are highly suffering from the diseases caused by the dirty water and lack of clean water.

Diagnosis and surgeries in many complicated health problems are done only with the help of electric power and for almost all chemical preparations and medicines electricity is must. Needless to say that nowadays these are the most attractive venues with all time activities.

These non-electric facilities are located around a pond.

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He was an elite engineer involved in the development of advanced technologies including plasma processing machines, cogeneration systems and gas heat pumps. The development of industry in modern age is entirely a miracle of electricity.

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He realized that the environment was deteriorating and harming the health of children as one of the down sides of rapid economic growth fuelled by the vigorous promotion of scientific and technological advancement and the pursuit of more and more convenience and comfort.

So, the problem is with the scarcity of clean water which may end the life here. Rain water harvesting is good idea for the purposes like use in toilet, watering garden, etc so that clean water can be saved for drinking and cooking purposes. We should join our hands together and take a pledge of using water according to need only without contaminating it.

There is a true saying that a small effort of everyone can give a big result just like many drops of water form a huge water body like pond, river and sea. Inhe established the Atelier Non-Electric and continues to develop many non-electric products.

People would be using hand fans for fanning themselves. We should wash clothes in the washing machine only when it has clothes to its total capacity. Words | 21 Pages. Life without electricity Imagine life without electricity, not just a brief power outage.

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SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: Energy, Sustainability, Asia, It also incorporates his philosophy on leading a happy and affluent life using appropriate technology without depending on energy and money.

Jingumae 5-chome, Shibuya-ku, TokyoJapan Tel. Words Essay on if there were no electricity Chetan Advertisements: Now we can't think life without electricity. In big cities everything depends upon it. We find ourselves completely paralysed whenever there is power failure in our area.

Electricity provides all comforts of life and life would be completely different in absence of it. Electricity is the greatest gift of science to mankind.

We have reached a point of our civilization when electricity is used for all purposes. Without it, our existence will be impossible. Electricity is a source of energy. It is produced by a battery or a coil of wires or by dynamo machine. It is. Short Essay on Electricity We use grinder-mixture, refrigerators, washing machine and other home appliances at our home.

But without electricity these things can not function. Radio and television are gifts of electricity. Cinema is impossible without it. Words Short Essay on a Cold Day for kids; Advertisements: Guidelines. About Site. Free Essays on Life Without Water.

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Essay Life in the s has remarkably different to the life prior to World War II. In the s, technology.

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