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William Sydney Porter Biography

See Article History Alternative Title: North Carolina Museum of History. When convicted, Porter received the lightest sentence possible, and in he entered the penitentiary at ColumbusOhio; his sentence was shortened to three years and three months for good behaviour.

Can anyone help me to find a story by O Henry which my mother read as a child she is now 80 - she believes it was called "The Listener" and would dearly love to read it again.

Interment followed on 7 June in Asheville. I enjoy her father's stories so much that I've been very curious how her life turned out. Small town life was not to hold him for long, however, and he had developed a persistent cough. He traveled with Richard to Austin, Texas inwhere he decided to remain and was welcomed into the home of Richard's friends, Joseph Harrell and his wife.

In he went to Texaswhere he worked on a ranch, in a general land office, and later as teller in the First National Bank in Austin. A film was made in featuring five stories, called O.

She would become the most influential person in the first 20 years of Will's life. The collection contained several short story masterpieces, including The Gift of the MagiThe Cop and the Anthemand many others.

Friends aided his flight to Honduras. And the sun went down and the moon came up, And he talked till the dawn of day; Though he said, "On this subject mentioned by you, I have nothing whatever to say. Porter died of diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver in the Polyclinic Hospital in New York.

They immediately fall in love and Valentine decides to give up his criminal career. None of your three-syllable names for me. They set their sights on the quiet town of Summit, Alabama because of the philoprogenitiveness - love for one's own children - that they believe is common in rural communities.

He began writing sketches at about the time of his marriage to Athol Estes inand in he started a humorous weekly, The Rolling Stone. Henry moved to Texas in March of hoping to get rid of a persistent cough that he had developed. Athol bore him one daughter, Margaret Worth, in He had 14 stories published under various pseudonyms while he was in prison but was becoming best known as "O.

He saw the humour in the everyday, and made notes of all the colourful characters he encountered, fodder for his future stories.

Heart of the West presented accurate and fascinating tales of the Texas range. Banking, in particular, was not to be O.

William Sydney Porter (O. Henry)

In February he was indicted for embezzlement of bank funds. While there, he took up residence on a sheep ranch, learned shepherding, cooking, babysitting, and bits of Spanish and German from the many migrant farmhands. It was within a collection of short stories I have, and just so happened to be the next story in the collection I came to right around Thanksgiving time.

A friend of his in New Orleans would forward his stories to publishers so that they had no idea that the writer was imprisoned. Will studied the basics there, writing and arithmetic, and he read classic literature and poetry.

Henry Portal - Research the life and legacy of William Sidney Porter and his hometown, Greensboro, North Carolina, through hundreds of letters, documents, photographs, and news articles. William Sydney Porter O. Three times Della counted it.

Before resigning his position at the bank, he became editor and co-owner of a humorous weekly, The Rolling Stone. He also spent time reading classic literature. She gives him a gift to match his blue eyes --they are still blue to her but are clouded now, maybe cataracts.

William Sydney (O.

Porter, William Sydney (O. Henry)

Henry) Porter, american author of short stories, was born in Greensboro of English and Dutch ancestry. He was the son of Algernon Sidney, a. William Sydney Porter’s stories follow a standard formula, dealing with commonplace events in the lives of ordinary people and arriving at a surprise ending through coincidence.

His two favorite themes were the situation of the imposter and fate as the one unavoidable reality of life.

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William Sydney Porter, writing as O. Henry, wrote in a dry, humorous style and, as in "The Gift of the Magi," often ironically used coincidences and surprise endings. Released from prison inPorter Born: Sep 11, literary works of william sydney porter essay examples from professional writing service EliteEssayWriters™.

Get more argumentative, persuasive literary works of william sydney porter essay samples and other research papers after sing up. William Sidney Porter was born 11 September, in Greensboro, North Carolina, to physician Algernon Sidney Porter () and Mary Jane Virginia Swaim ().

The two brothers of William were Shirley Worth () and David Weir () who both died in early childhood. William Trevor writes in the introduction to The World of O. Henry: Roads of Destiny and Other Stories (Hodder & Stoughton, ) that "there was a prison guard named Orrin Henry" in the Ohio State Penitentiary "whom William Sydney Porter immortalised as O.

Henry".Occupation: Writer.

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